Cathy Citron-Bilovsky, Ph.D.
Licensed Marriage and
Family Therapist
Cathy Citron-Bilovsky offers family therapy, family counseling, couples therapy, couples counseling, marriage counseling, individual psychotherapy, individual counseling and relationship counseling to all in the North Hollywood area. She always provides a warm, comfortable, and safe atmosphere to help her clients to feel comfortable talking about any thoughts or issues they may be having.


The marriage counseling that Cathy Citron-Bilovsky provides is designed to bring families and married couples closer together. It is very important for a married couple to grow together. Many married couples may need marriage counseling because of traumatic events, such as extra-marital affairs, a miscarriage, financial crisis, accidents, depression, crime, or illnesses. Do not let yourself become lost in the crisis. Let Cathy Citron-Bilovsky bring harmony back into your life.


Other married couples may need marriage counseling because communication is lacking in their relationship, and they may be emotionally distant. Many marriages have broken because of a lack of communication. Men and women communicate differently, and communication challenges can easily arise. You can argue with your spouse and end up communicating nothing. Cathy Citron-Bilovsky will help you deal with any marriage issue to promote a stronger relationship with your partner. You can start having a healthier and happier life with your spouse after receiving help from a marriage counselor. Do not let the stress of your marriage bring you down. Help will always be offered from Cathy Citron-Bilovsky. Start your marriage healing session today with Cathy Citron-Bilovsky, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT 20869), in North Hollywood. Call 818-783-0404.


Cathy Citron-Bilovsky offers many other types of sessions, such as family counseling and therapy, couples counseling and therapy, marriage counseling, individual counseling and psychotherapy and relationship counseling. She strives to be a valuable marriage and family therapist for individuals in the North Hollywood community.


Cathy Citron-Bilovsky is a Licensed Marriage Counselor (MFT 20869) who dedicates her time to improving relationships for every therapy session. Make your next appointment with an experienced marriage counselor, family counselor and family therapist who provides effective therapy for residents of North Hollywood by calling 818-783-0404.

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