Cathy Citron-Bilovsky, Ph.D.
Licensed Marriage and
Family Therapist


Optimistic people experience the same pain and trauma as others who are not optimistic, however, they bounce back from trauma and pain to their happy disposition in a short period of time. Happiness can be learned it just takes time, thoughtful understanding, and practice. 

Happy people are more stable, creative, healthier and live longer. In a study by Giltay (2006) it was found that men who are optimistic have a protective mechanism against heart attacks. Optimistic people are also more generous. A positive attitude gives people hope. One wonders whether worry and pessimism increases the bodies production of cortisol causing inflammation and changes in cellular structure. 

Sales increase when salespeople are strongly optimistic. These individuals outsold moderate optimists in a study by Marty Seligman.

One of the best predictors of leadership is giving love and receiving love. Receiving small, unexpected gifts does a lot to cheer people up according to Isen et al. (1991).

Most people are capable of much more happiness than they have. They just need to see their own potential. Sometimes we need to see the potential in others and assist them in seeing it for themselves. Once they do, they can work to be their best selves.

Do you lead a meaningful life filled with purpose? Do you find your relationships rewarding and mutually supportive? If you do, fill your heart with feelings of gratitude and fulfillment. If not, what can you do to be more fulfilled?

Consciously exchange your inner dialogue  to reflect the positive.  Just this one adjustment can affect how you see yourself and others.

One validated intervention for depression is gratitude. Appreciating everything life has to offer opens our minds and our hearts. Gratitude can generate amazing joy filled moments.

Cathy Citron-Bilovsky, Ph.D.
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