Cathy Citron-Bilovsky, Ph.D.
Licensed Marriage and
Family Therapist
Since 1985, Cathy Citron-Bilovsky, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT 20869), has been providing many families and couples with effective family therapy, family counseling, couples therapy, couples counseling, marriage counseling, individual psychotherapy, individual counseling and relationship counseling. If you need an effective family counselor, family therapist or marriage counselor in Studio City, call 818-783-0404 and start receiving the right help for you.


Many close bonds develop from healthy family and marriage relationships. However, personalities, thoughts and opinions can clash in any relationship. Conflict is a healthy part of family and marriage relationships. Family and marriage conflicts are much healthier than no conflict at all. When the conflict among members of the family is so severe that daily life and happiness are negatively affected, a licensed marriage and family therapist is needed.


Marriages can become unstable due to certain expectations that are placed on a partner or a lack of communication. Cathy Citron-Bilovsky will be able to give the couple an objective perspective on their relationship to help heal and create a stronger one.


You will need to have therapy sessions with an experienced licensed marriage and family therapist. Call Cathy Citron-Bilovsky at 818-783-0404 now to make an appointment. She will help you, your partner and/or your family to reconcile the emotional turmoil in your relationships. She provides a warm, caring and safe environment to help her clients be comfortable enough to express their feelings and thoughts. It is not uncommon that many individuals need family therapy and counseling, couples therapy and counseling, marriage counseling, individual psychotherapy, individual counseling or relationship counseling. If you feel that you need to schedule a session with Cathy Citron-Bilovsky for any type of therapy in Studio City, do not hesitate to call 818-783-0404.


Let yourself relax and explore the family or marriage issues that you are having with Cathy Citron-Bilovsky. If you need a marriage and family therapist in Studio City, call Cathy Citron-Bilovsky at 818-783-0404.

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