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Monthly Archives: April 2011
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Stand Up To Bullying

It is important that we all work together to take a stand against bullying.  Those who bully and are bullied are prone to suffer from depression, have low self-esteem, experience physical symptoms, perform poorly at school, and may think about suicide or make suicide attempts.   Bullying can take many forms:  from physical abuse (pushing, [...]


You and Your Doctor

The relationship between you and your doctor is so important.  Your doctor knows more about your health and well-being than any other person besides you.  Your doctor has the knowledge to influence and help you maintain the quality of your health.  If there are problems, your physician can help find solutions.  Develop a relationship that [...]



In order to have successful relationships, it is important to identify your needs, understand what they are, work to meet those needs, and be able to communicate your needs effectively.  Choose people to have in your life who are responsive to your needs.  Ask yourself, “What do I need?” What do I need to do [...]



Optimistic people experience the same pain and trauma as others who are not optimistic, however, they bounce back from trauma and pain to their happy disposition in a short period of time. Happiness can be learned it just takes time, thoughtful understanding, and practice.  Happy people are more stable, creative, healthier and live longer. In [...]


Raising Children

    Children are often jealous of their siblings. There are ways to help minimize jealousy. Here are some that may be helpful.   Teach children that they are part of a loving unit. No one is more special than the next. When celebrating one child’s milestone, for example a young child’s achievement, have the [...]


Preparing for Emergencies

In light of the recent earthquake and tsunami disasters and nuclear crisis, I have provided some suggestions in preparation for emergency situations…


Conquering New Challenges

People often become anxious or fearful when facing unfamiliar tasks, a new job, a relationship issue and confrontation, a new assignment at work or even a new activity. Fear can be paralyzing and undermine ones value and sense of worth. It can even make us feel little once again with feelings of inadequacy. We can become distracted by the fear and it can transform into anxiety, dread and panic….


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