Cathy Citron-Bilovsky, Ph.D.
Licensed Marriage and
Family Therapist

Monthly Archives: May 2011
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Pay Attention to Your Mental Health

Your emotions, thoughts and attitudes affect your endurance, efficacy and overall health.  Good mental health enhances your ability to cope with everyday troubles and more serious difficult crises and challenges.  Good mental health is fundamental to creating the life you want to live.  No matter how stressful the situation may be, there are steps you [...]


Relaxation Techniques for Reducing Stress

Stress is an inevitable part of everyday life experience.  It cannot be avoided.  You can counteract the negative effects of stress by practicing relaxation techniques which can stimulate a relaxation response in your body.  This relaxation response is a mentally active process that relaxes your body and your mind.  Stress can wear your body down [...]


Animal Companions

What could be better than having an animal companion in your life?  People who have canine companions have lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, decreased feelings of anxiety, stress, and in general are healthier than the average member of the population.  Sharing our lives with animals can mitigate the effects of loneliness and is beneficial to [...]


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